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The activities I enjoy and of which amuses me a great deal is of course roleplay, mind control, humiliation & degradation, bondage, spanking, body worship also tease & denial with wank off instruction is a favourite of mine also administering electrics and breathplay I really find very stimulating. I do especially like slaves with a nylon stockings/pantyhose fetish or the rubber gimp slave suited in a latex catsuit and hood, including a full-face gas mask, the slave who likes to be feminized and used by Mistress in certain ways are very welcome, I find dressing and transforming them into sluts very entertaining and I have all the necessary items needed.


I also especially adore the erotic feeling of wearing creamy pants throughout a session, and a very attentive slave in my presence will always make me damp down there. Also being a big fan of cosplay and roleplay I do like people with a good imagination and I do welcome any ideas you might have, I am very experienced and good at putting roleplays together and then playing them out so I only really need the basics from you and I will take it from there.


My corporate businesswoman outfit is what I always wear when the overnight guests arrive, it has become very popular for sessions also and on request, I can conduct the solo sessions with no accommodation dressed in such away. I have some lovely traditional Mistress outfits or I can do sexy and seductive in sheer black lingerie. For the slaves who likes the more hardcore latex look, I can do a session completely encased in a catsuit including a latex hood or gasmask.


An example scenario where accommodation is included. You are in Bristol on a business trip and need to book a hotel room for the night, you find a nice place near to the city centre listed on the web so you book yourself a room for the night, you arrive that evening after work. You ring the doorbell of the hotel and after a short time the door opens and you are pleasantly surprised to be greeted by an adorable tall blonde woman dressed in a very professional looking business skirt suit, you are invited towards the check-in area to sort out your payment and check yourself in for the night.


She tells you to follow her and she will show you to your room, on going up the stairs you can't help but enjoy the sight of her bum in that tight little skirt, you wonder to yourself does she make me follow her up the stairs knowing I would be looking at her, maybe she gets some sort of perverted thrill from teasing us men, who know, we arrive at the room and she explains a few things and then leaves me to carry on with my evening.


First, you decide to have a relaxing shower and then head out for something to eat, hoping you might bump into that nice lady again on your way out of the building, but sadly she was nowhere to be seen, after having a nice meal you return to the hotel and straight up to your room. On entering your room you could really notice a strong spell of a very feminine perfume, which was strange but arousing at the same time, maybe the woman is hiding in the wardrobe you chuckle to yourself.


After cleaning your teeth and getting ready for bed you pull the covers back on the bed only to find a magazine, as you pick it up it falls open on a page with a photo of a woman dress in some sort of fetish femdom outfit, and as you start to read it you find it is a story about a woman who loves to show her authority and dominance over men. After reading the story you find yourself wanting that woman in the story to take you as her slave and plaything, oh well "I can dream" you say to yourself, but it is very odd that I should find such a magazine in my bed.


It's getting late now so you turn the light off and get into bed, you have a little play with yourself before falling to sleep, a few hours later you awaken with that spell of perfumes in the air again, much stronger this time and then you hear a faint knock at my door, you hesitate for a while and then put your trouser on and go to the door. As you slowly open it you see a leather bag on the floor which you quietly pick up and take into your room, your mouth is dry and your heart is racing as you carefully unzip the bag only to find a note with your name on it, you nervously read the note only to find it is an instruction telling you what you need to do, it reads.


Remove the wrist and ankle cuff, collar and lead from the bags and firmly secure them on yourself, there is also a cock cage with instruction with it, on how to encase your pathetic cock in the device, there is also a blindfold which you must put on last while laying on the bed, are you dreaming or is this really happening, you follow all the instructions and find yourself lying on the bed in the dark, your cock is throbbing in its anti erect cage device over the excitement of not really knowing what is happening or what is going to happen next.


After what seems like an eternity the silence is broken by the sound of stilettos heeled shoes on the stair leading up to the room, as the sound gets nearer you hear the door to your room opens and then a sensation of someone sitting down beside you on the bed, you then hear the pleasurable and erotic sound of nylons chafing against one another as that person crosses their legs and the scent in your nostrils is so alluring, you have never felt so vulnerable yet so excited before, as you are experiencing right now.


The feeling of a leather-clad gloved hand strokes your cheek and then a very enchanting feminine voice whispers in your ear, I will control you physically as well as mentally, I own you now slave and you will obey my every command and do whatever I asked of you. There is a sharp tug on the lead attached to your neck as mistress takes it in her hand and pulls you from the bed and onto the floor on your hands and knees. You find yourself being pulled along, made to crawl and follow her, blind to see where you are being taken to, but you try your best to keep up with her.


She briefly pauses and you then hear the sound of a key turning as she unlocks another door, you are lead into the room and up onto another bed, She tells you in a quiet but aggressive tone to spread your arms and legs out, you hear the sound of chains rattling as Mistress attaches your cuffs to the bed. The blindfold is slowly removed and at first, all you can see is a strange blue coloured grow in the room, and then beyond your wildest dreams and imagination what you see next takes your breath away!


An example scenario where accommodation is not included. You are out in your car and you are driving through Bristol, your car developed a fault and starts to play up so you pull off the main road and park up on a small side street and go to call the breakdown/recovery people, but your phone battery is flat, how inconvenient! You get out of the car and have a walk around but there are no public phones boxes around so you decide to ask someone who lives nearby if you could use their house phone to make your breakdown call.


You see one of the houses is a guest house so you decide to ask there as a stranger at the door would not be out of place, so you knock on the door of the house after a short time you hear the sound of stiletto heels walking towards the door. The door opens and you are pleasantly surprised to have a tall sophisticated looking woman dressed in a very sexy evening dress, full makeup and styled hair answer, you hesitate for a few seconds and then explain about your car problem and ask if you can use her phone.


The woman politely agrees and shows you to the phone and leaves you to make your call, She returns just as your call is over and you explain to her the breakdown people are going to be a while getting out to you, the lady also tells you she was planning on going out later, hence the evening dress but she offers you a cup of tea/wine as she was now going to make/have one herself. You are taken to the front room where you are offered a seat on the sofa and then the lady goes to fetch the drinks.


On her return she bends down and hands you yours, you then can't help but notice her very prominent breasts and large cleavage bulging out from the top of her very seductive outfit and

as she moved away you find yourself enjoying what could only be her very expensive perfume, she sits down and slowly crosses her legs in the most unimaginable erotic way, and on doing so her dress rides up her shapely leg revealing her stocking top and suspender clips which are now tightly pulling on the sensual fine nylon material.


After a while chatting to her she all of a sudden looks at you and smiles in such captivating and stimulating way, and then leisurely reclines further back on the sofa opposite you in such a provocative manner you already hard and throbbing cock nearly explodes, her firm rounded bust swells upwards as her dress tightens around her chest, one hand holding her drink and the other resting on her thigh, her finger slightly spread out over her silky sheer black hosiery encased leg thus accentuating her lovely long painted well-manicured nails, her full bright red glossy lips delicately sip at her drink.


I notice you keep looking at me, so I then ask you if you get nervous when you are around a confident and dominant woman who understands the feminine sex appeal and who enjoys dressing in such a way which enhances this appeal for their own pleasure, and for the power and influence it can have over men.


The rest of the session will continue from here on, I can be dressed in any normal outfit of your choice at the start of the scenario and adjust the role-play accordingly, I can also always change into a Mistress outfit for the rest of the duration of the session if required.




























The sperm clinic.  You are reading the local newspaper and a small ad catches your eye, they are asking for free sperm donations with a free cup of tea/coffee included at a so-called private clinic in Bristol, you find this slightly interesting so you decide to call the number. You are pleasantly surprised when a lady with a very sexy voice answer the phone, she then asks you a few questions and explains a few things, also that she is a qualified nurse and has undergone many rigorous extensive training sessions and now specialises in that specific area of work.


You do find that all quite kinky, so you decide to book yourself in the following week, after giving your details to her she unexpectedly then tells you in quite a stern disciplinarian voice that you are not permitted to ejaculate three days prior to your appointment. But it would help if you masturbated yourself regularly but without cumming, this will guarantee your testicles are full and you will supply a sufficient amount of sperm on the day.


She then goes on to tell you that there is no private masturbation room where you go and wank yourself, as she prefers to be there with you when the extraction takes place. Also, she tells you that there is no need to be embarrassed as she has seen a countless number of hard erect penises in her life, and has successfully extracted many semen samples.


After the phone call, you can't help but get your already hard and pulsating cock out of your trousers, you grip the shaft firmly just bellow it's red swelled up head and slowly run your hand up and down the full length of your stiff shaft. You can not help yourself and you fantasise about the lady dressed in her nurse's outfit and try to imagine what she will be like, she sounded so sexy but in a very demanding manner and she seemed to like talking about hard cocks and spunk and how many she had seen.


Your balls are now at bursting point, pre-cum liquid starts to ooze out and down your very hard and throbbing rod, you wank it harder with the thought of the nurse tightly gripping your cock with her medical latex-gloved hand. You are so stiff now it hurt, she keeps looking you straight in the eye as she continued and vigorous works on it, trying her utmost to bring you to the point of climax, thus getting her semen sample.


You can not hold it in any longer, the eruption in you groin starts and the heavenly sensation begins, you stain as you begin to pump your thick creamy load to the surface, imagining the nurse with a seductive smile on her face, encouraging you to shot your load for her "like a good boy" you know it pleases me don't you she whispers as she squeezes the last few drops of cum out of your exhausted cock.


The big day has arrived and you are slightly nervous but you turn up at the clinic for your appointment never the less, you knock on the door and a few seconds later it opens and you find yourself looking at a very attractive tall and slim, large-busted blonde woman in what you can only describe as a very short and extremely tight nurses uniform, she welcomes you in and leads you into the premises.


As you follow behind her you notice a fine seam on the back of her hosiery, running up from the stiletto heel all the way up her long and shapely legs and then disappearing under her white uniform. Maybe she dresses in such a provocative manner to ensure that I am aroused, and to speed up the extraction of sperm you think to yourself, you are shown a chair where you then sit down and she offers you your free cup of tea, after a few minutes she returns with your drink and some biscuits and sits down beside you.


After having a chat while drinking your tea she takes you upstairs and sits you down in a medical wheelchair, she then explains she needs to strap you in it securely as you need to be still while the sperm milking process takes place. You find this all quite wield but agree to it but after fixing you down she also puts a blindfold over your eyes and a gag in your mouth (you are getting slightly worried now) you are then wheeled in your chair to her special extraction room.


While in the extraction room the nurse can work the sperm out of you by milking machine or a medical latex-gloved hand or a nylon covered foot wank is also possible for those who enjoy the feeling of hosiery running up and down their shaft.


Two roleplay scenario in brief.


The PA interview with no overnight stay. You are coming for an interview as a personal PA to a rich and very posh older lady, you arrive and the lady interviews you, she is very pushy and confident, She flirts with you and you start to get excited as you think your luck is in but things there on start to go very wrong. She takes you upstairs to her bedroom where you think you are going to have some fun when upstairs she makes you undress and then explains she does like things to be on the more kinky side.


She leaves and then returns with a blindfold, handcuffs and a collar and lead which she makes you put on, you think this is all a bit weird but go along with everything as you really need the job. You are then lead to another room by your lead she then instructs you to hold your arms up and you are then secured to a chain hanging from the ceiling, this will then run into domination and body worship also you finding out she has a surprise down below.


A glass of wine with an overnight stay. You arrive at the hotel and I greet you at the door wearing my very sexy business skirt suit, I show you to your room and after explaining a few things I then ask you if you would like a cup of tea, you accept and say you will be down shortly once you have settled into your room, you come down and we have the tea and a chat, you get the impression, that I am quite a confident woman but you can not quite make me out!


After we have finished our drinks you then decide to go out and get some food (from the local shop or restaurant) As you are leaving I ask you if you could pick me up a bottle of white wine from the local shop as it will save me going out to get one, you kindly agree and I give you the money for to pay for it.


You return and give me the bottle and I ask you if you want a glass you accept but say you will just have a shower first as it has been a long day. You have a shower and then come downstairs and we have a glass of wine, I am quite flirty with you and after finishing your drink and chatting you return to your room. You are feeling quite excited and aroused as you find me and the way I looked and acted quite sexy.


Once back in your room yourself feeling slightly horny as you keep thinking about me and the way I looked and acted so you decide to have a wank before bedtime. While you lay in bed playing with your cock and you hear the sound of heels coming up the stairs, there is a knock on your door and you hear the person who you guessed is me walking away.


You peep outside your door and see a bag which you pick up and take into your room, in the bag, there are cuffs, collar, and a lead, there is also a blindfold and a note saying put everything on and lay on the bed and wait for me! You find this all very kinky so you go along with it and put everything on as instructed and lay on the bed waiting for me to return.


You really think your luck is in and we are going to play kinky sex games and you are going to have your wicked way with me, but things turn out very differently and when I come and collect you I will be in an outfit that fits in with your requirements. whats happens next is a surprise and will cover the activities you requested.


























My hotel example scenarios